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We guarantee our services to meet each client’s satisfaction. Oil Away intends to earn your trust through proven results. We have a track record of excellence to maintain and we do that one customer at a time.


Our primary duties entail parking garage maintenance services, concrete stain removal, degreasing services, emergency relief & disaster clean-up, power scrubbing, pressure washing, steam cleaning, and trash collection including the off-site disposal thereof.

We specialize in routine parking garage maintenance and degreasing of college and university buildings including residence halls, commercial, industrial and residential properties, government buildings, hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities, hotel and restaurant chains, malls and retail spaces, parking garages, and all public spaces.

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By now, we know that prevention by way of disinfecting surfaces is a key component to combating the spread of Coronavirus. At a minimum, it is mandatory for owners or operators to routinely disinfect all touch points in high-traffic areas at their facilities but realistically, a routine maintenance schedule needs to be put in place to keep everyone healthy and safe. 


Oil Away starts with extensive preparation protocols that are performed at the highest standard of excellence because of the rigors of the industries that we serve and ends, with sanitizing areas that are verified pathogen-free through scientific testing before releasing them back to our clients.


It is essential to clean areas prior to disinfecting because pathogens: bacteria, germs, mold, viruses, etc. can hide under residue and reduce the effectiveness of the sanitizing effort.


We only use CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants that kill 99.999% of harmful pathogens (including Coronavirus) which, maintain AOAC efficacy standards for hospitals.


We use electrostatic spray equipment to rapidly disinfect areas of any size. This technology works through electrostatic force that is emitted from the sprayer, charging nano particles into finely dispersed droplets of EPA registered disinfectant solution. This micro mist covers surfaces from every angle and decontaminates spaces that traditional sprayers and foggers fail to get totally clean.   


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine whether a surface is disinfected or not. We use an ATP Sanitation Monitoring System to rapidly assess the contamination level on surfaces prior to disinfecting. This allows us to determine a pathogen baseline for each area. At the completion of the job, we swab the area again to ensure no biofilms are present. This empirically verifies the effectiveness of the treatment employed, ensuring safety beyond any doubt.

Oil Away Electrostatic Sprayer for disinfecting



Oil Away has a proven track record of providing emergency relief services during major disasters. We are the preferred partner for natural and man-made disaster clean-up in Los Angeles County. Oil Away has gained essential know-how from working with disaster recovery experts during real-life emergencies. In our experience, this is essential to the success of these types of operations.


Oil Away has serviced the last two major DWP Water Main Breaks at UCLA in 2014 & 2020 with exceedingly great success. In both instances, Oil Away immediately met with City, State and University Officials, Department of Water and Power Engineers, in addition to representatives from multiple Fire and Police Departments to formulate the recovery plans. Oil Away mobilized in record time and coordinated seamlessly with all parties involved throughout the length of the process to gain Certificates of Occupancy ahead of schedule. This allowed UCLA to return to normal operations quickly resulting in a rise of public confidence and a reduction in the financial impact on their daily revenue producing operations.       


To be part of the 2014 disaster recovery team and then be asked back for 2020 is truly a honor. It is a testament of Oil Away’s effectiveness under pressure and our commitment to complete each task no matter how complex or challenging. You can count on us. Oil Away is here for you!


Warning, you can not afford to hire anyone who does not have actual experience in these types of emergency events. It will cost you dearly and make matters worse.

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